Compression Stockings


SIGVARIS WELL BEING products are intended for men and women with healthy legs who temporarily suffer from venous problems relating to specific situations in life such as long-distance travelling, pregnancy, or work. They serve to alleviate venous symptoms such as heavy legs, tired legs and swollen ankles.

SIGVARIS WELL BEING product line focuses on the well-being of your legs. It offers long-term prevention, improved leg health and an optimal look.

Sigvaris Microfiber




Heavy and tired legs and swollen ankles, beside skin changes, can be signs of a chronic venous disease. Around 15 percent of the population even suffer from chronic venous insufficiency, a serious disease with real clinical consequences. Wearing compression stocking is central in the treatment of venous disorders.

Compression therapy is a cornerstone in the treatment of venous disorders and diseases of the lymphatic system. Compression therapy is also used to prevent venous thrombosis. SIGVARIS Medical Products, prescribed by your doctor and correctly fitted, may positively improve the health of your legs by reducing venous symptoms and improving the venous blood flow.


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